Yes You Can 

Achieve Your Dreams as a Single Parent

Being a single parent can be both wonderful and difficult. Allow our mentors and coaches  at Alternate Directions to guide you in the direction of joy, peace, and success.  Use this FREE service to chart a new direction. Make smart and alternate decisions and travel in an alternate direction. 

Yes You Can!

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A Not for Profit FREE Service for Single Parents

COACHING - 6-8 weeks - analyzing where you are ,  what got you there and where you want to be

MENTORING - ongoing and personal interactions with volunteers  and mentees

REFERRALS - contacts with agencies dedicated to support and assist you and your family

RESOURCES- workshops, seminars, lectures, webinars that relate to you and your circumstances 

Yes, You Can!

Most single parents live paycheck to paycheck and are overworked, overlooked, underpaid, uninsured and lack support.  They struggle to make ends  meet and trying not to slip backwards.  Despite obstacles, they work hard to better there circumstances, working extra hours, second jobs and taking online classes. We are here to help. Alternate Directions helps single parents improve the quality of their lives.  Count on our team of coaches, mentors and subject matter experts to help you chose an alternate direction for success.



Jackie Maxwell, Professional Certified Life Coach​ (PCLCP) w/

Luke Benoit, NLP-EFT 

Life Coach Instructor

Mission Statement

Our mission is to coach and mentor you toward the alternate decisions and directions for your best spiritual, intellectual, physical, financial, and emotional life! 


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